Hi. I'm Ishaan Bansal.

An aspiring startup founder. I like to program ,  and other interesting things.

 About Me

I am Ishaan Bansal 

  •     San Ramon, California
  •   University of California, Santa Cruz




HTML, CSS, Javascript




Work Experience


A modern take on college counseling and higher education enrichment programs. We connect students with mentors and counselors that best suit them for collegiate success.

Exalt Card   

Fin-Tech startup delivering a card designed for content creators and the next generation. We use your social media activity to determine your credit.

Content = Credit

Genius Coders   

Tutoring students in various subjects. Primarily teaching computer science, math, and robotics.


Combating violent outbreaks at schools in partnership with San Ramon Valley Unified School District, and San Ramon Police Department
Automated gun and weapon dection via CCTV


Computer Science

University of California, Santa Cruz
Expected Graduation: March 2025

Associates in Business Administration

Diablo Valley College
Dual Enrollment: 2019 - 2022

Computer Science & Business

Dougherty Valley High School
9th - 12th | Class of 2022



Hardware project aimed at helping people with visual and audible impairments navigate their daily lives

   devpost  award


DevTrex is an entrepreneurship and business program providing students opportunities to get involved in the business field. DevTrex is designed to maximize students’ potential and help them launch their very own startups.  


VR CPR Training

A virtual reality training simulation for CPR. An easy, interactive, and more affordable solution to CPR training, an essential skill

   devpost  award

XD Hacks

XdHacks Mini is a global highschool hackathon nonprofit dedicated to teaching students the importance of interdisciplinary learning in the modern technology industry.


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